Who offended Ksenia Sobchak: there were agreements

Who offended Ksenia Sobchak: there were agreements

The journalist did not react like an adult to the court verdict against her employee

- Son, what did you dream about?

- All sorts of rubbish... Either you, mother, or daddy. (D.I. Fonvizin “Minor”)

Anatoly Sobchak has not a son, but a daughter. The only one. Light in the window. All liberal Russia. And the light in the window must have an energy source. Because it is not necessarily the sun. Especially in the case of Ksenia Anatolyevna.

So the NTV channel bothered to search for this source, making several films about Ksenia. The TV people reminded viewers of many things: about her personal life - in the case of Sobchak, let's call her censorship "prankish", about her political position - to put it mildly, "not patriotic", about her citizenship - let's call Ksenia tolerantly a "person of peace", about her property position - let's define it as “not poor”. But the most important thing is no unsubstantiation: testimony, chronicle footage, an interview with Ksyusha herself. It is what it is. What has grown has grown. The daughter is not responsible for her father...

But for some reason Ksenia Sobchak was offended and decided to file a lawsuit for the protection of honor and dignity. After all, in order to decide on such a lawsuit, you need to feel offended, that is, offended.

It’s nice, of course, to realize that Ksenia Sobchak, who is in opposition to Russian reality, turns out to be such a sacred believer in the law. To Russian justice. In defense of myself as a citizen of Russia. This is very commendable.

A little unexpected, but, as it turned out, what the hell is not joking. Especially when he jokes with a chocolate blonde, a socialite, a popular blogger, an insidious interviewer, and so on and so forth, whatever times Ksenia Sobchak was defined as.

And the law, by the way, does not sleep. Just on the very day when Ksenia announced her intentions to call upon Themis to deal with her offenders, the court had already passed a different verdict. Not Sobchak, but the person who has the most direct relation to her. Kirill Sukhanov, the commercial director of the media project “Caution Media” of journalist Sobchak, received 7.5 years in a maximum security colony. He was found guilty in the case of extorting 11 million rubles from the general director of the Rostec corporation, Chemezov, for deleting compromising and defamatory information that had already been posted, as well as for failing to post such information within a year.

Let us remind you that the defendants in the case were arrested in October 2022. At the same time, Ksenia Sobchak fled Russia. Well, she didn’t really run, she sped off in a car. Not only Sobchak knows how to reveal someone else’s ins and outs; the head of the Lithuanian State Security Department, Darius Jauniskis, then announced, not without pleasure, that a certain Israeli citizen had entered the country. Thanks to the representative of the former Soviet republic - there is no such thing as too much information.

Ksenia Sobchak did not react like an adult to the court verdict against her employee... On her social network account she left an inarticulate emotional note: “There are no words. This is not just injustice. It's much more than that. I fulfilled everything, all the agreements, so that there would be a mitigation. Why are you ruining people's lives? 7.5 years? Why such a disproportion? Just to take revenge? — Sobchak wrote.

I would like comments on this post. What were the agreements? With whom? And what, according to her concepts, is “more than injustice?” I would like to immediately ask Ksenia - will she also appeal to the agreements in the event of a trial? Or here’s another thing: if punishing for extortion “is ruining people’s lives,” then what is the name of her own demand to punish journalists for taking information about her from her account for their film? To quote Ksenia, “they stole materials from her social networks”? And where is it, proportionality, when it comes to the extortion of 11 million rubles and the political and moral portrait of Sobchak?

Oh, yes, there is also such a thing as revenge. Does it mean anything in the context of lawsuits? Or is this a dish that, according to Sobchak, only she has the right to cook? Like untouchable? Alas and ah, this very concept - untouchable - is infinitely ephemeral. It may be the highest, or it may be the lowest in the caste hierarchy...

But to understand this, one must grow out of the immaturity of national identity.

What are you dreaming about, Ksenia Sobchak?

Published in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" No. 29215 dated February 13, 2024

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Sobchak in a dream and in reality

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