Traffic on the Trans-Caucasus Highway is closed due to bad weather

Traffic on the Trans-Caucasus Highway is closed due to bad weather

Due to deteriorating weather conditions, the movement of all types of transport has been suspended on the Trans-Caucasus Highway, as well as on the Buron-Northern Portal section of the Roki Tunnel in both directions. The restrictions came into force at 00:30 on November 21 and will remain in effect until further notice. reported Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for North Ossetia.

Also due to bad weather, taking into account the recommendations of the Georgian Border Police from November 19 forbidden traffic for all types of vehicles along the Georgian Military Road - the only land route between Russia and Georgia. Traffic is prohibited on the Vladikavkaz-Lars section in the direction of leaving Russia.

Transkam is the only road to South Ossetia from Russia. The length is 164 km, most of the route passes through the highlands. On average, about 8 thousand cars pass through it every day. In winter and spring, the road is sometimes blocked due to snow drifts or avalanche danger.

Last weekend, the most powerful hurricane in the last 60 years hit Siberia. Four people were killed and 20 were injured. More than 260 thousand people were left without electricity. In total, hurricane winds caused by a cyclone from Kazakhstan affected six regions of Siberia.

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