The State Duma adopted a law banning LGBT propaganda

The State Duma unanimously adopted in the third reading a law banning LGBT propaganda, pedophilia and gender reassignment in advertising, books, films and the media. Propaganda will be prohibited both among minors and adults. Propaganda of pedophilia and gender reassignment is also prohibited.

“Promotion of non-traditional sexual relations is prohibited. The solution will protect our children, the future of the country from the darkness spread by the United States and European states. We have our own traditions and values. You supported these laws. Thank you!" - commented on the decision one of the authors of the amendments, Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

Fines for citizens for promoting non-traditional sexual relations among people of any age will range from 50 thousand to 400 thousand rubles, for officials - up to 800 thousand rubles, for legal entities - up to 5 million rubles. (the maximum fine threatens for propaganda in the media and the Internet).

For violating the ban on propaganda of pedophilia, the fine for citizens will be from 200 thousand to 800 thousand rubles, for legal entities - up to 10 million rubles.

In the event that information is disseminated among minors that demonstrates non-traditional sexual relations or that can make them want to change their sex, citizens will pay from 50 thousand to 200 thousand rubles, legal entities - up to 4 million rubles.

Foreign citizens for such violations will face deportation.

In addition, as part of the ban on propaganda of LGBT people and pedophilia, Roskomnadzor will have the right to approve the procedure for monitoring the Internet to identify information and programs, access to which is subject to restriction.

Formerly US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken condemned bill to ban LGBT propaganda and urged Russian legislators to withdraw it. One of the authors of the draft, Alexander Khinshtein, who was present at the vote in the State Duma, said that in connection with this appeal, the bills were called "our answer to Blinken."

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