The smell of perfume is crazy: beautiful words or reality?

The smell of perfume is crazy: beautiful words or reality?

Moscow police are investigating information about the poisoning of a college student who, having smelled perfume, was damaged by her mind. Moskovskaya Pravda found out whether it is possible to literally go crazy from the smell of perfume.

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Back in early March, social networks and instant messengers virally spread information that, they say, on the streets in different cities of the country they distribute or sell poisoned perfumes, smelling which a person dies within a few hours. This information was repeatedly denied by both law enforcement agencies and representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, but, apparently, these denials did not reach everyone.

And recently, a Muscovite turned to the police with a statement that her daughter, 19-year-old college student Alina, took a sample from a stranger and, after sniffing it, after a while began to behave inappropriately - at first she had rare mood swings, she stopped walking to study, and then she began to talk about some "embryos that release dogs." As a result, the girl ended up in a psychiatric hospital named after Alekseev.

Information about where the girl took the perfume differs. According to one version, she received them from an unfamiliar man when she was in a traffic jam, according to another, she took one of the samples that were distributed on the street as part of a promotion.

Meanwhile, according to the telegram channel Baza, investigators have already been able to talk to the girl. She said that when she took the perfume, she had a high fever. She was already feeling bad, and just then she heard a message about the killing spirits, and she became even worse.

“Doctors believe that the condition of the girl is simply a consequence of the psychosis that developed during the illness. The examination also did not show the presence of any toxic substances or elements in the spirits. Alina had a delusion of staging, when it seems to a person that everything around him is unreal, and people are disguised actors. Now the world has stabilized - everything is fine with Alina, she should be allowed to go home next week, ”- informs Base.

In general, the spirits turned out to be nothing to do with it. The fact that it is impossible to go crazy with the smell of perfume, as well as what effect aromas can have on the body, was told to Moskovskaya Pravda by marketer Alexei Yakovlev, who has been researching the effect of different smells on a person for many years.

“It’s literally impossible to go crazy with the smell. However, some odors can cause severe discomfort and even lead to physical reactions, such as nausea or headaches, the expert said. - This can happen, for example, if there is a strong smell of chemicals, mold, or if the person is allergic to certain smells. Meanwhile, odors can affect a person's mental health. For example, some people may experience anxiety or panic in the presence of certain smells that are associated with negative emotions or traumatic events from the past.

Aleksey Yakovlev advises avoiding odors that cause severe discomfort or negative emotions, and if this is not possible, seek medical help.

Alena Bodrienko.

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