The number of Russians in a state of burnout has become known

The number of Russians in a state of burnout has become known


45% of working Russians are in a state of burnout

Experts conducted a survey and found out to what extent employees of organizations experience professional burnout and how companies approach this problem. Writes about this RT.

According to the survey, 83% of workers experienced signs of professional burnout, and 45% of respondents are currently in this state.

A study by the Russian School of Management identifies the main symptoms of burnout: constant fatigue (43%), frequent stress and overexertion (40%), irritability (40%), lack of motivation and enthusiasm (36%), lack of desire to go to work (32%), decreased productivity (29%).

According to the survey, 79% of employers acknowledged problems with burnout of key employees in their companies.

However, only 26% of respondents plan to combat this problem in 2024, 30% will do nothing, and 44% have not yet made a decision.

Companies indicate identification and resolution of conflicts (34%), development of corporate culture (33%), automation of routine work (30%) and employee rotation (26%) as the main methods for solving the problem of burnout.

More than 1.1 thousand representatives of Russian and international companies from various business sectors took part in the study.

Previously, experts conducted an analysis and determined what kind of work respondents consider prestigious.


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