The capital's authorities have announced a tender for a new bridge across the Moscow River in Mnevniki

The capital's authorities have announced a tender for a new bridge across the Moscow River in Mnevniki

The structures of the capital's mayor's office have announced a tender for the construction of a road bridge connecting Mnevniki with the Filyovsky Park area. We are talking about a 250-meter four-lane “sail” bridge with a single pylon on Novozavodskaya Street, the construction of which officials have been talking about since 2017. The capital's mayor's office promised that another road bridge connecting Mnevniki with Myasishcheva Street would be completed in 2025, and two pedestrian structures in the surrounding area - in 2027.

A competition for the construction of a “multi-level transport interchange” and a bridge structure was announced by the state government agency “Department of Road and Bridge Construction” (GKU UDMS), subordinate to the mayor’s office. The reinforced concrete structure is supposed to be built on a single support, which will be installed near Novozavodskaya Street. A special feature of the bridge will be a cable-stayed element in the form of a metal sail (136 m long and 21 m high). The “sail” bridge, as the capital’s mayor Sergei Sobyanin previously called it, should become a continuation of Novozavodskaya Street and “a decoration of the Mnevnikovskaya floodplain.” The tender documentation states that the length of the bridge will be about 250 m (including access roads - 423 m). The project involves the demolition of six buildings, of which the largest is the five-story factory building built in 1961 on Novozavodskaya Street, 26, building 4. The construction is estimated at 9.2 billion rubles, applications are accepted until December 4.

In April 2022, Sergei Sobyanin announced that concepts for three more bridges in the Mnevnikovskaya floodplain were ready. Among them is a four-lane road bridge connecting Myasishcheva Street with the Mnevniki metro station area. Two road bridges will redistribute traffic flows from the North-Western Expressway (NWH), as stated in the presentation of the city hall. To the south, a 130-meter bicycle and pedestrian bridge has been designed, which should connect the floodplain with Fili Park. It was planned to connect the opposite bank of the Mnevnikovskaya floodplain with a 128-meter bicycle and pedestrian bridge with Ostrovnaya Street.

The capital’s authorities began preparing for the construction of these structures back in August 2021. Then three starting tenders worth more than 7 billion rubles were announced (see Kommersant on August 14, 2021). for the construction of new passages and an overpass in the floodplain connecting the area with the SZH. The largest tender for 4.4 billion rubles. then the State Public Institution of the UDMS announced. The contract executor had to build six new road passages in the floodplain (with a total length of 3.7 km, including a 700-meter overpass), a 590-meter overpass connecting the SZH with one of the new passages, as well as a 790-meter “turning loop under road bridge." However, these and many other tenders totaling more than 8 billion rubles. were canceled by the authorities virtually without explanation. The last such competition was the purchase of the State Civil Institution for UDMS for 1.2 billion rubles, announced in March 2022 and canceled on April 1.

Let us note that in the capital’s construction complex back in 2017 they talked about plans to build new bridges in the floodplain. According to the map published at the same time, it was planned that the first pedestrian bridge would connect Krylatskoye in the area of ​​Ostrovnaya Street with the shore of the floodplain, the second - the area of ​​the Mnevniki metro station with Myasishcheva Street. As for road bridges, only one structure appeared in the 2017 sketches near Novozavodskaya Street. In 2018, the plans were even submitted to public hearings (as part of the project for planning the metro section between the Nizhniye Mnevniki and Mozhaiskaya stations), but were criticized by a number of residents. Thus, in the minutes of the hearings, critics referred to the General Plan for the Development of Moscow until 2025, according to which the structure should be located upstream and connect the floodplain with Myasishcheva Street, and not with Novozavodskaya in close proximity to Filevsky Park. As a result, the mayor’s office decided to build road bridges on both sites.

So, in November 2023, the capital’s construction department said that a 231-meter road bridge with red pylons at Myasishchev Street would be completed in 2025, but in the meantime “work is underway on the enlarged assembly of metal structures.” The department added that a total of 17 km of roads will be built at the junction of the interchanges with the SZH in the floodplain. As for pedestrian structures, according to the head of the Moscow construction department, Rafik Zagrutdinov, they will begin to be built in 2025 and will open in 2027.

Alexander Voronov

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