SKA-Khabarovsk again failed to win away

SKA-Khabarovsk again failed to win away

The Khabarovsk team managed to equalize the score in the Kuban game only in extra time

Let's be honest. “SKA-Khabarovsk” today is not a club that can claim to reach the top four of the First League championship standings. Quite the contrary, the main task of the Khabarovsk army team in the near future will be not to fall into the relegation zone. And SKA-Khabarovsk is now frighteningly close to it.

The monstrous one is to blame for this streak without a win on the road. The only club with which they managed to share points in the first round was Rodina; the army team lost to everyone else. I repeat - on the road. At home, SKA is gaining points at the very least, but this is not enough. Let the experts figure out what prevents football players from scoring. We are simply stating a fact.

This year, the football players from Khabarovsk have two matches left to play. The first is this meeting with an outright outsider, Krasnodar “Kuban”, which Vadim Evseev, well-known in Khabarovsk, was invited to save. The second is with Khimki, which rounds out the four strongest clubs in the league. In the second case, the chances of catching points are minimal, in the first – quite a lot.

Although, as they say, there are nuances. “Kuban” has something to lose and will fight until the final whistle. But there is hope that SKA’s class (after all, the team has very good players, who, if you remember, were recruited with the expectation of securing a place at the top of the table) will be able to pull through. Out of 18 matches, Kuban has so far been able to win only 4 and lost most of them. If everyone beats Krasnodar, why don’t we do it too? For SKA, this is also a game of principle and we need points no less.

Everything went wrong from the very beginning. At the 3rd minute, Vyacheslav Podberezkin disrupts a promising attack from an opponent near Vladimir Sugrobov's goal. The referee calls a standard dangerously close to the penalty area, almost a corner kick. Nuri Abdokov serves, for some reason left without guardianship, Azat Bayryev hits his head. Although the ball was flying straight into the hands of the goalkeeper, he could not hold it - the blow was so powerful. At the 4th minute, Kuban opens the scoring. It would seem that there is plenty of time to win back, and maybe even come out ahead.

But SKA was unable to do this for a full 93 minutes, including added time. Moreover, in the second half, the Khabarovsk team was heartily helped by Kuban goalkeeper Dmitry Ternovsky, who for some reason jumped out of his penalty area in the 58th minute and knocked Artem Simonyan onto the lawn, who was rolling the ball towards someone else’s goal. The result was a red card, a replacement goalkeeper and the removal of one field player.

But even with numerical superiority and a total territorial advantage in possession of the ball, the Khabarovsk team time after time squandered very dangerous moments and failed to score in regular time. In some places, the townspeople were helped by a barbell, in others, Yuri Nesterenko, who was uncrushed and had just put on his playing uniform, was dragging, in others, they themselves openly missed the target.

The hosts tried to play for time, hoping to keep the winning score for them, and reached the point where the referee ordered six extra minutes after the end of regular time of the match. In the third minute, Artem Simonyan finally scores – 1:1. In the remaining three minutes, the Khabarovsk team still tried to take the lead, but both the guests and the home team were already running out of strength.

For the sake of decency, the referee waited a little longer after the compensation time had expired and blew the final whistle, after which most of the players simply lay down on the wet field trampled by their boots. Teams share points. SKA continues its streak without victories on the road, remaining in the dangerous 11th line of the table, Kuban never rises from the last place in the championship.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to implement everything we had planned, planned and worked out in training in order to win this match. I will also say that in the last games we give a lot of gifts to the opponent in terms of goals conceded. It’s one thing when we are outplayed in duels with set pieces, it’s another thing when we not only don’t enter into these duels, but allow the player to freely hit our goal and then begin to win back,” he noted after the match Roman Sharonov, head coach of FC SKA-Khabarovsk.

The Khabarovsk team has one more chance this year to slightly improve their tournament position – the match with Khimki. The game will take place on November 26 and will again be away. Will the army team be able to break their tradition of not winning away games, what do you think?

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In the quarterfinals of the Path of Regions of the Russian Cup, SKA-Khabarovsk will play with Sochi. The game will take place in March next year, we hope in Khabarovsk

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