School No. 1368 has developed a program "Russian as a foreign language" for children

It's no secret that in the so-called peripheral schools, which are located on the outskirts of the capital, there are many children who do not know Russian well. These are boys and girls whose parents came from neighboring countries. At home, such families speak their native language, with friends too, so at school, children have problems learning Russian.

Alexandra Minayeva, a teacher at school No. 1368 in Yuzhnoye Butovo, developed a Russian language course for the children of labor migrants. The course is called "Russian as a foreign language". It is designed for children aged 7 to 13 and should help foreign children adapt to life in Russia, get acquainted with Russian culture, master the basics of the Russian language at such a level that they can understand the teachers in the lesson and the tasks they are given. .

Not only students of primary and secondary school No. 1368 will be able to take advantage of the development, but also everyone.

As the teacher explained, she took as a basis the existing course "Road to Russia", which is aimed at foreign students. Adapting the existing manual for schoolchildren, Alexandra Minaeva added many game elements to it that will help foreign-speaking children speak Russian.

“Our task is to help children overcome the language barrier so that they are not embarrassed to speak Russian, even with mistakes at first,” says Alexandra Minaeva. “It happens that children do not understand who to say “you” and to whom “you”, because it is not in their language. They confuse endings and gender, their intonations and stresses “jump”. But all this is being worked out. Children in six months will be able to master the basics of the Russian language if they go to classes twice a week and do their homework.

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According to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, out of 15 million students in Russian schools, more than 100 thousand children are citizens of foreign countries. Registration for the course will be available from February on the website: with code 1822620.

Mona Platonov.

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