Sber will use AI technologies to decipher Egyptian manuscripts

Sber will use AI technologies to decipher Egyptian manuscripts

The credit institution began negotiations with Egypt about using Sberbank solutions to decipher manuscripts. The details were provided by the first deputy chairman of the bank’s board, Alexander Vedyakhin.

“How to preserve and decipher manuscripts is a big challenge, and my colleagues from Egypt and I are discussing how to apply our algorithm, which works with Digital Peter... to decipher and preserve Egyptian manuscripts. In general, we have great and mutual interest here,” Alexander Vedyakhin emphasized during the press conference. He emphasized that such cooperation could be the next interesting stage in the development of historical thought, and also did not exclude the possibility of new historical discoveries.

Vedyakhin also said that earlier developments in the bank’s artificial intelligence helped decipher the manuscripts of Peter I. In April 2022, as part of the historical and documentary exhibition “Peter I and His Age,” the results of the joint project of RIO and Sberbank “Digital Peter” appeared.

Together with specialists in the field of artificial intelligence, employees of the St. Petersburg Institute of History of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Higher School of Economics worked on the project.

The bank's press service noted that about 9 thousand lines from the texts of Peter I became the basis for a special program for analyzing ancient records. As a result of the interaction, about 98% of the manuscripts were deciphered. History experts called this achievement a world record, since similar projects from other countries managed to achieve only 60% decoding accuracy.

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