Muscovites who dipped their heads into the toilet were jailed for 5 years

The victim did not demand material compensation from law enforcement officers

Two Moscow police officers received five years in prison for beating and dipping a detainee’s head into a toilet in 2021.

As MK previously reported, on April 9, 40-year-old Alexei (his name has been changed), a doctor by education, was returning home from guests. In the evening, he could not take the bus for a long time, as it was the final stop. To find out the schedule, he went to the control room, but there was only a security guard with whom a quarrel ensued. The Muscovite himself called the police outfit, and two officers of the patrol service did not understand the intricacies of the conflict and took him to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Ivanovskoye district. Here they drew up an administrative protocol for petty hooliganism, but the detainee refused to sign it. The man was beaten and then his head was dipped into the toilet several times. In the morning, the unfortunate man was released.

Alexei went to the hospital, where doctors discovered a broken ribs, as well as hematomas and abrasions. Later, the Muscovite wrote a statement to the police. A criminal case was initiated against the police officers for abuse of power.

Court hearings in the Perovsky District Court lasted more than a year; on January 24, the ministers of Themis issued a harsh sentence.

According to the relatives of the convicts, the victim did not demand financial compensation and did not ask for an apology. At meetings, the man kept repeating that his main goal was to put hooligans in jail.

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