Lolita's concert was canceled in another Russian city

Lolita's concert was canceled in another Russian city

Milyavskaya's concert was canceled in Perm

The concert of singer Lolita Milyavskaya was canceled in Perm. The performance was supposed to take place at the Soldatov Palace of Culture on March 19. This was announced by a representative of the concert venue.

According to his information, Milyavskaya’s concert at the Palace of Culture will not take place, the contract has been terminated. Anyone who has already purchased a ticket for the performance can return it at the place of purchase.

Earlier it became known that the poster for Milyavskaya’s concert disappeared from the popular service for purchasing tickets for events.

The singer's performances were in jeopardy after her participation in a "naked" party. Milyavskaya's concerts were previously canceled in 10 cities near Moscow, which were supposed to take place as part of her anniversary tour.

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