A gerontologist suspected a “senile” diagnosis in the hospitalized Petrosyan

A gerontologist suspected a “senile” diagnosis in the hospitalized Petrosyan

Gerontologist Novoselov: Petrosyan broke his forearm due to senile osteoporosis

Comedian Yevgeny Petrosyan, who was hospitalized with a fracture, has senile osteoporosis. This was stated by the chairman of the gerontology section of the Moscow Society of Natural Scientists at Moscow State University Valery Novoselov.

According to him, due to fragile bone tissue, a fall from one’s own height leads to a fracture. The specialist also noted that according to the international classification, a person is considered old from 75 to 79 years, and Petrosyan is 78.

“What do they say about Petrosyan at 78 years old? That he obviously has age-related diseases, syndromes and conditions,” the gerontologist explained to Public News Service.

The specialist said that with age, the human body loses cells both quantitatively and qualitatively. Often, falling from their height, people at this age break their necks, forearms, vertebrae and ribs.

The gerontologist said that the fracture the artist received was not very serious and he would soon recover.

Let us remind you that the hospitalization of Yevgeny Petrosyan became known on Monday, February 12. It was clarified that he would require surgery due to a fractured forearm.

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