Russia is open to projects in innovative medicine with other countries – Kommersant

Russia is open to projects in innovative medicine with other countries – Kommersant

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is always open to cooperation in joint projects in the field of innovative medical technologies with other states and their implementation. Unique achievements, as the head of state added, must be implemented as soon as possible.

“The key priority is to build a medical care system around a specific patient. This will increase the efficiency of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dangerous diseases, and therefore the quality and life expectancy of people,” says the president’s greeting to the participants of the forum of future technologies (quote from website Kremlin).

He added that such a large-scale task requires the consolidation of efforts by the state, medical and scientific organizations, as well as technology companies. Scientific progress, as Vladimir Putin said in a statement, opens up prospects for the development of biomedicine, genetic, genomic and neurotechnologies, as well as artificial intelligence.

The head of state clarified that all levels of domestic healthcare will develop on an advanced technological basis. He also thanked doctors, nurses and other representatives of medicine for their “merciful, truly selfless work.”

In December, Vladimir Putin saidthat the activities of the authorities and medical workers made it possible to achieve decent results in the field of medicine. At the same time, according to him, “there are enough unresolved issues.”

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