Julian made a statement about escaped stars in the main temple of Russia

Julian made a statement about escaped stars in the main temple of Russia

And received the loudest ovation

Singer Julian took part in a concert in memory of Yevgeny Martynov, held in the concert hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The Honored Artist of Russia received perhaps the loudest ovation of the evening. And not only for the powerful and soulful performance, but also for the bold statements. Julian had never been so frank before.

“Thank you for all of you being here today,” the artist addressed the audience. - Because as long as these great songs continue to sound, Evgeny Martynov and Andrey Dementyev will always be with us.

First, Yulian performed a new song by Yevgeny’s younger brother, Yuri Martynov, “Melody of the Wind,” and then the famous “Swan Fidelity.” During the performance of this composition, many spectators were so moved that they reached for their handkerchiefs. Pleased with the reception, Julian suddenly started talking about the departed stars.

“Those who left should not return,” the singer said from the stage. - I could never go anywhere and betray you...

The audience immediately gave him such an ovation that it seemed as if the walls of the concert hall would collapse. Judging by the reaction of the public, everyone without exception was in solidarity with Julian.

The artist himself admitted backstage: the artists who left will still ask to come back.

“It can’t be any other way,” the singer told MK. - Russia is a unique country. I have toured in many countries around the world. And after five or six days I wanted to go back home. I’m now watching these pitiful foreign videos of various singers who have left. Internal burnout, pain, lack of demand and melancholy in their eyes - that’s what I see in these videos. Russia is a great country, and in the most difficult times you need to be with the country and people. Our people are the best and kindest. And our people will definitely never be able to forgive those who betrayed or insulted their dignity. It remains to feel sorry for all those who left who made this stupid choice. There is no way back for them!

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