In 2024, four sports facilities will be built in Voronezh

In 2024, four sports facilities will be built in Voronezh

This year, the Voronezh administration plans to begin construction of four sports facilities at once. The head of the department of physical culture and sports, Alexander Bakhtin, announced this on March 4 at a planning meeting at the mayor’s office.

Construction plans:

  • physical center on Petrovskaya embankment,
  • a football field with an administrative building in the Nikolskoye microdistrict,
  • sports and recreation complex on the territory of school No. 4,
  • swimming pool in the Shilovo microdistrict.

The city administration is considering options for cooperation with potential investors in order to create sports facilities using extra-budgetary sources of funding.

Mayor of Voronezh Vadim Kstenin noted that it is necessary to monitor the progress of the development of design estimates for the creation phygital center. Let us remind you that this sport is new not only for Voronezh, but also for the country. It is a multi-athlon event consisting, among other things, of cyber disciplines. The facility will include a mini-football field with artificial turf, a basketball court, a workout area and the very construction of a non-permanent modular physical center. During the construction of the center, they will consult with those for whom e-sports is a vocation.

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