In 2023, North American companies bought 30% fewer robots - Kommersant

In 2023, North American companies bought 30% fewer robots - Kommersant

Last year, North American companies bought 31.2 thousand industrial robots - 30% less than the previous year. This is the most significant annual decline since 2006. The agency reported this today, February 12 Reuters citing data from industry group Association for Advancing Automation (A3). True, by the end of the year the decline slowed: in the third quarter, only 8% fewer robots were ordered than a year earlier.

2022 was a record year: then North American companies purchased 44 thousand industrial robots. Demand for them grew during the pandemic, when many companies sought to automate production as much as possible. Now, as experts note, the decline in demand was contributed to both the accumulated stocks of robots due to this, and factors such as a slowing economy, rising interest rates, etc. According to A3 President Jeff Bernstein, when the situation in the economy worsens, many Companies are delaying ordering such equipment.

“2023 saw a challenging economic and business environment for many of our key customers, with global industrial activity slowing in the first half of the year,” said Kim Povlsen, CEO of Danish industrial robot manufacturer Universal Robots. Last year, its revenue decreased by 7%, to $304 million. However, according to Mr. Bernstein, many manufacturers expect the situation to improve in the second half of this year.

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