“How does he manage to collect such polar opinions about himself?” – Kommersant FM

“How does he manage to collect such polar opinions about himself?”  – Kommersant FM

The words of Lokomotiv striker Artem Dzyuba that he does not know who Sergei Semak is literally blew up the Internet. Dzyuba's name is once again on the list of the most discussed sports news. The player once again received many comments from haters. But this negativity only helps Dzyuba make a career, says Kommersant FM sports commentator Vladimir Osipov.

It's amazing how the football world reacts to everything Artem Dzyuba does. After the match of the 9th round of the RPL Lokomotiv - Zenit, the media discussed much more not the sensational victory of Loko over the reigning champion, but Dzyuba’s statement after the game. How the current railway striker does this is beyond comprehension. Moreover, he didn’t even give an interview, but simply threw out a couple of phrases while passing by the press representatives in the room under the stands - and then he became hysterical.

But the statement by Zenit goalkeeper Mikhail Kerzhakov that Dzyuba apologized to him after the collision remained in the shadows. And few people talked about the fact that, despite the brawl at the end, the athlete hugged his former colleagues at Zenit. And sincere interviews with Dziuba’s current teammates, where they talked about the importance of the forward for the team, were not noticed in principle, and in vain.

In the “Special Report” program on Match TV, for example, defender Maxim Nenakhov, one might say, put the footballer on a pedestal: “Artem is our leader. This is the person we are following, who raised the team, so to speak, from its knees. When he arrived, we immediately started moving forward."

After the victory, Nair Tiknizyan, the scorer of the winning goal, said no less warm words to the forward. How does a player manage to gather such polar opinions about himself? There is no answer to this question.

Dziuba’s behavior is seriously discussed by psychologists, scandalous articles are published about him, but at the same time, the show on the Internet, which the player hosts together with coach Leonid Slutsky, does not go unnoticed.

Imagine, one of Artem’s latest interviews has already received more than 1 million views. And Dziuba is still focused on football, and does everything else on a residual basis. During his career, the player earned €31 million, and this does not take into account advertising contacts. He even managed to monetize the story with the scandalous video.

Right now, all TV channels are flooded with videos where a player advertises one of the country’s mobile operators and, according to the script, mistakenly leaks what he wanted to the network. The cost of this contract is kept secret, but, most likely, Dzyuba received serious income from the video - along with a portion of hate, of course. And now all this hatred and attention from the press, and not just sports media, is making him more popular every day.

Anyone who is sure that Dziuba is finished as a footballer should look at the player’s salary at Lokomotiv. Now it is 120 million rubles. in year. And the striker receives this money not only for scoring goals (there aren’t many of them now), but also for running the club’s locker room and being able to recruit young players from the team. It’s not for nothing that the term “Dzyuba-dependence”, which appeared in the national team, then haunted Zenit for a long time, and now, when the player is already 35 years old, is still applicable to Lokomotiv.

Without a doubt, age is taking its toll, but for now Dzyuba is still highly regarded as a player. Yes, it’s hard to call him a role model, but that’s how the football world works. If a person plays at a high level, club managers turn a blind eye to many things. Only when you are against everyone, you need to clearly understand: as soon as the situation changes, football clubs part with such people without sadness or pity.

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