every fifth Russian has experience of homeless life – Kommersant

every fifth Russian has experience of homeless life – Kommersant

The Nochlezhka charity organization found that 20% of Russians have experience of homeless life. The results of a survey conducted by Social Validation specialists commissioned by NGOs are available Forbes. The study involved 1,004 respondents over 18 years of age from different regions of the country.

20% of respondents had to live for more than two months away from home: with friends, in hostels, hotels or other institutions. The survey did not take into account business trips and shifts. 10% of respondents were forced to spend the night in hallways, non-residential premises and on the streets for several days. 11% spent the night with relatives, friends or acquaintances. 15% have been living in dilapidated or dilapidated housing for the last few years.

A third of respondents said that they do not have ownership rights to real estate in Russia suitable for habitation. The same proportion of respondents noted difficulties in paying for utilities and rent. However, 72% of respondents do not see any risk of losing their housing next year.

According to respondents, most often people lose their housing due to the activities of fraudsters (67%), due to conflict in the family (48%), due to release from prison (45%), refugees from conflict zones (44% ). Three-quarters of those surveyed believe that government social welfare agencies are responsible for helping homeless people.

Alexandra Goroshilova

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