Dmitry Cheryshev: Dzyuba and Glushakov can popularize football in Nizhny Novgorod

Former Paris NN coach Dmitry Cheryshev spoke positively about the possible transfer of striker Artem Dziuba and midfielder Denis Glushakov to the Nizhny Novgorod club. According to the specialist, the arrival of such famous masters to the club will help strengthen the team and make football more popular in the region. Matches in the RPL and other Russian competitions are actively covered in the bookmaker. On the Bookmaker Rating website, you can find out how to get freebet no deposit for registration.

“For any team, improving the quality of the squad and the game, as well as experience, play a huge positive role. Therefore, for Pari NN, the arrival of Glushakov and Dziuba will be a plus not only for the team. For the club itself, this can also become a landmark event, since both players are very famous, played for the national team, were captains of the top RPL clubs. Therefore, their transfer will help popularize football in the region, young players under their leadership will be able to progress faster. Everywhere you look - solid pluses, ”Cheryshev shared his opinion.

Earlier, information appeared in the media that Glushakov went with the Nizhny Novgorod club to the winter training camp and is now on viewing. Forward Artem Dzyuba is currently in the status of a free agent.

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