Olympic troops landed in Arkhangelsk

A delegation of the Russian Union of Athletes, which includes Olympic medalists, veterans and sports legends, arrived in the regional center. Olympic medalist in swimming Viktor Mazanov, Olympic bronze medalist in rowing Anna Aleshina are among the guests.

According to the athletes, they are involved in attracting children and adolescents to sports, and also instilling feelings of patriotism. As part of their stay, the Olympic landing party has already visited the Arkhangelsk school No. 11.

The legends of the Olympic movement talked about their sports path, answered the questions of the children and gave their autographs. Honorary President of the Russian Union of Athletes Galina Gorokhova told schoolchildren that she came to fencing at the age of 17 and became a champion. This means that it is never too late to start playing sports, you just need to want to.

We add that the delegation will also visit sports training in Arkhangelsk.

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