Crocus terrorist attack survivor refuses compensation

Crocus terrorist attack survivor refuses compensation

A 25-year-old guy who survived the terrorist attack at Crocus refused compensation

A 25-year-old Russian who was in Crocus City Hall during the terrorist attack and was wounded in the leg refused compensation. MSK1.RU writes about this.

According to the mother of 25-year-old Andrei Galeev, his son and a friend were evacuated from the burning roof by firefighters, but he was not on the list of victims.

The attackers opened fire when Andrei was ascending the escalator to the second floor. The bullet hit his leg, but his friend was not hit.

At the hospital, Andrey underwent emergency surgery and the wound was stitched up. They do not plan to pay him compensation, since the guy himself refused it.

According to his mother, he did this in vain, since he still has to go to the hospital, and this would help solve some financial problems in the family.

Although the woman does not understand why her son does not want to accept the money, she is, in a sense, proud of his action.

According to her, Andrei said that he did not need compensation; it would be better if it were paid to those whose parents and children died there.

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