“Broken ribs, mocked”: girls endured a rapist father for many years

“Broken ribs, mocked”: girls endured a rapist father for many years

The ex-cop made their life hell

The terrible story continues to gain momentum with many years of sexual abuse that a resident of Kalmykia subjected his daughters to. The truth was revealed only when the family moved to Moscow, and then not immediately. Investigators of the capital's GSU SK intend to petition for the arrest of a 42-year-old man who previously worked in law enforcement agencies.

As it became known to MK, the father of two girls (now they are 20 years old and 22 years old) tortured his household so much that they considered it good to leave their home. The first to come to the capital in 2020 was 17-year-old Almira (all names have been changed). And in 2022, her parents and older sister Diana came to Moscow. The family rented an apartment on Chernomorsky Boulevard, but Almira did not move from the hostel to her relatives. Only now her mother found out that the girl had run away from her father's house from her rapist father. The truth was revealed when the older sister, tired of the bullying of the pope, turned to the police.

Diana told the police that her father and her sister had been raped and beaten since 2014. The girls were silent because he threatened to kill them. The man - a former policeman - beat his wife as well. To such an extent that he once broke a woman's ribs. The girls called the police a couple of times when their father beat their mother, but the head of the family himself went out to the police at the entrance, and after talking with them, returned to the apartment, and then went back to his old ways.

After moving to Moscow, Almira tried to come home as rarely as possible and not be alone with her father. But bullying and violence against Diana continued.

On May 19, her young man came to Diana's Moscow apartment. But suddenly the girl's father returned, who had recently left for work. Seeing the guy in the apartment, the man began to yell and, threatening with reprisal, put him out the door. The young man, frightened for Diana, called the police. During this time, the father again beat and raped his daughter. And when the doorbell rang, the scoundrel put a knife to the girl's throat and threatened to kill her. Diana, the police officer who arrived, lied that everything was fine with them and they just argued loudly.

After this incident, the father took Diana's phone, passport and forbade her to leave the house. On May 24, the girl was going to study. But her father demanded that she take academic leave and stay at home. Diana went to the university, but she was refused the “academy”. The girl called her father and said about it, after which he yelled at her and demanded to urgently return home, strip naked and wait for him in the apartment. Instead, Diana went to the police.

The girl remembered that after sex, her father wiped his and his daughter's genitals with napkins, which he threw into the trash in the bathroom. She was able to collect napkins and gave them to the police for examination. The man was detained, Almira also wrote a statement. At the confrontation, the father begged his daughters not to support the accusation, but the girls are serious. Mom supported her daughters. The woman blames herself for not noticing what was happening to her daughters all these years.

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