The son of Steven Seagal for the first time declassified the Russian girl: “were in Altai”

The son of Steven Seagal for the first time declassified the Russian girl: “were in Altai”

When information first appeared last year that the American actor Steven Seagal had firmly settled in Russia, many did not believe it. It would seem, what is he to do here? Fans were waiting for the departure of the Hollywood star sooner or later. And Seagal not only did not leave, but also moved his family here. In particular, the son of Dominic, who has already turned around in Russia with might and main. Dominic has a business here and a Russian girl. Finally the young man revealed her identity.

Seagal Jr.'s girlfriend was model and magazine editor Irin Danilova. "Incognito" was filmed at the birthday party of the beauty, who turned 29 years old. Celebrated noisily and expensively in an elite restaurant in the center of Moscow. Perhaps the future father-in-law Steven Seagal came to the party, however, he was hidden from the attention of the media as much as possible - he was taken under guard to the banquet hall. But we managed to talk with a couple and find out the most interesting details of the romantic story.

— Irene, people like Dominic don’t just walk the Russian streets like that. How did you meet him?

- It happened about a year ago for the first time at the event, and at first we communicated in the context of professional interaction. He knows I have a social media company. I used to do just that, and Dominik came up to consult on an important issue for him to promote his brand. Our relationship developed very smoothly, after all, we met on a professional basis. Only over time, he began to show sympathy and care for me as a girl. Gradually we started dating.

What was it about him that hooked you in the first place?

— Each person is different in his manifestation. And Dominic, of course, too. He is very honest, I did not feel insincerity from him. Sometimes men have some kind of game, you know, but he is an open, calm person who speaks directly about his feelings, experiences, if any. He is very prone to conversations, discussions.

- At the time of the beginning of the relationship, were you free - or did Dominic have to "beat off" you from someone?

— Well, there were moments, let's say… But Dominic is very purposeful. .

— Does Dominik ask you for any advice, share his thoughts, ideas?

Yes, we always share with each other. We can discuss anything. Recently, he asked me if the choice of the color of the birthday bouquet plays a role? I replied: "It's up to you." Of course, he may not yet know some things in our culture, so if he doubts, he asks again.

- There is an opinion that people of the Western way of life are more pragmatic. What about Dominic?

Perhaps I am more pragmatic. And Dominic is generous and kind. Just like his father, by the way.

- Maybe you already have joint business planned?

— Yes, he is very involved in my projects, my entire team of employees knows him very well. Often we can also ask him for advice, after all, a person grew up in other places. He also has his own point of view, different from the Russian one, and can bring something new, some ideas.

What is Dominic like in real life? Character Nordic or flare up can?

“He's quite a temperamental person, but I've never seen him explode. I can sometimes react emotionally.

How do you like to spend time together now?

We are enough home boys. We don’t go to events very often, but we spend more time at home. We go to the gym, we love to be in nature. Recently, for example, they flew to Altai. Dominic loved it. There we decided to take a break from phones, from close communication with people. The trip went very well.

— Whose idea was it?

“It was a joint idea. Altai is one of my favorite places in Russia. They were also together in St. Petersburg before that.

— During your trip to Altai, what did you and Dominik remember the most?

“There is a special energy there. It is clear that there are a lot of beautiful places in Russia, but Altai for me is a place of power. We brought a lot of amazing photos from there, but I haven’t posted them on social networks yet…

That Altai made an indelible impression on Dominic, he himself confirmed when he appeared in the lobby of the restaurant and joined his girlfriend.

“This is a very beautiful place, just some kind of magical and spiritual. I also really liked nature. We were alone in Altai, we distanced ourselves from everyone, it was the format of a closed trip,” Dominik confirmed.

As the son of Steven Seagal admitted, he already knows a lot of Russian words. “It seems to me that any language is not easy to learn, but Russian is a little more difficult, I try to learn it.” “I love Russian cuisine. I like chicken, I love borscht, dumplings and also barbecue, caviar, ”Segal Jr. admitted, diligently pronouncing the letter“ s ”.

Steven Seagal's son introduced a Russian girl for the first time

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