Biden tried to justify celebrating Transgender Day on Easter

Biden tried to justify celebrating Transgender Day on Easter

US President Joe Biden, in response to criticism that believers would have to celebrate Easter at the same time as Transgender Day, said that he did not do this.

The politician was asked to comment on the words of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, who called this coincidence outrageous. Biden responded by accusing the speaker of ignorance and that the head of state “didn’t do it.”

White House Speaker Karine Jean-Pierre stood up for the boss. She stated that Transgender Day is celebrated every year on March 31, and the fact that it fell on Easter this year is just a coincidence for which no one is to blame.

Earlier, representatives of the 45th US President Donald Trump demanded an apology from the current head of state Joe Biden due to the fact that the Transgender Day he established is celebrated on Easter Sunday. This outraged believersalthough Biden called transgender people “part of the fabric of the nation.”

At the same time, Russian leader Vladimir Putin emphasized that what we in Russia call traditional values ​​are "the foundation of our life, our being"which “unites us all.”

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