“Usually there’s no time for jokes” – Kommersant FM

“Usually there’s no time for jokes” – Kommersant FM

A hostage bear, a Telegram wall and a virtual assistant who understands dogs. This is how Western top managers and businessmen celebrated April 1. For example, the CEO of the American financial conglomerate Citigroup, Jane Fraser, first gave the manager responsible for economic optimization a teddy bear, and then stole the toy and sent a photo with the caption “Stop cutting costs, or the bear will die.” Pavel Durov decided to return the “wall” for one day, albeit to Telegram. And Amazon announced that its Alexa voice assistant will be able to translate barking dogs into English. True, social network users note that the company already tried to prank its users in this way several years ago.

Kommersant FM asked Russian top managers if there is a place for April Fools' jokes in their companies.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Lanta Bank Irina Rys: “Usually there is no time for jokes, sometimes, of course, there are some, but of a very local nature. For example, several years ago we sent out a newsletter to all our branches that now applications for a credit committee will be accepted only with a photo of the credit inspector who wrote them, and this photo will be assigned a certain number of points. There were moments like this, well, it’s probably funny only to those creditors who work directly in this team.”

General Director of the Elkat plant Maxim Tretyakov: “The last time some April 1st pranks happened in my life was 10, or even 15 years ago, and I’ve been a director at an enterprise for almost 20 years. Well, there are two options: either no one wants to play a prank on me, or it doesn’t exist at all. For me, this is actually a bad indicator, that is, people have a lot of free time and nothing to do. All my employees are already so busy.”

General Director of SMM agency Soyka Ekaterina Kozyreva: “At the Association of Russian-speaking Community Managers, we started a flash mob today. Administrators of Telegram channels began writing messages on behalf of the channels that were similar to Telegram system messages, “you have been removed from the group.” Many people really believed in this, began to write, asking why and for what, although, in fact, this, of course, was an ordinary message, no one deleted anyone. It turned out pretty funny. But I know that in one public the guys lost more than 200 subscribers because of this joke, apparently people didn’t understand and were offended.”

The majority of Russians are tolerant of humor at work, but few decide to organize pranks on April 1, a SuperJob study showed. This year, only 13% of respondents said that they want to make fun of their colleagues; in 2010, this figure was 28%.

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