A long line of cars formed on the border of the Russian Federation with Georgia

A long line of cars formed on the border of the Russian Federation with Georgia

Several thousand cars have accumulated near the Upper Lars-Kazbegi border and customs checkpoint on the North Ossetian section of the Russian-Georgian border, the owners of which, including those with their families, are trying to quickly cross the border and get into Georgia. This is reported by the correspondent of "Kommersant".

A particularly large queue formed on the Russian side of the border on the morning of September 21, after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization.

The administration of the Georgian town of Stepantsminda (near the border with the Russian Federation) told Kommersant that a huge line of cars, stretching from the Russian side for 30–35 km, “is unusual for the end of September, since the holiday season on the Black Sea coast of Georgia is coming to an end” .

According to eyewitnesses, after standing at the border for several hours, the owners return to Vladikavkaz, leave the car there, again go to the “tail of the queue” by taxi or “minibus” and cross the border on foot, walking tens of kilometers in the hope that they will find another one in Stepantsminda. car, and things left in Vladikavkaz will be delivered at night or early in the morning, when the line gradually “dissolves”.

According to the testimony of Russians who nevertheless managed to cross the border, they are especially carefully checked at the Russian checkpoint. At the Georgian checkpoint, citizens of the Russian Federation are most often asked for what purpose they are going to Georgia. Most call themselves tourists.

Russians are attracted to Georgia by the visa-free regime, the opportunity to live for 12 months without registration, a large array of comfortable real estate ready for rent. At the same time, about 23 thousand Russians already own real estate in Georgia.

Giorgi Dvali, Tbilisi

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