Yamal swimmers competed for 17 sets of awards at regional competitions

Yamal swimmers competed for 17 sets of awards at regional competitions


Yamal athletes took part in the regional stage of the “Jolly Dolphin” swimming competition, the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug said.

First place in the triathlon was taken by Anastasia Burlakova from the Harmony Sports Complex of Pangody, coached by Denis Baraboshkin. The second was Anna Shabanov from the Gubkinsky Arktika sports school, she is coached by Andrei Vavilov. Third place was taken by Tamilla Salimova from the Altis sports school in Noyabrsk, coaches Marina Larinkova and Alexander Kozlov.

For boys, places were distributed as follows. The best was Dmitry Fedorov from the Gubkin sports school “Arctic”, coach – Andrey Vavilov. Second place went to Viktor Vorobyov from the November sports school “Altis”, he trains under the guidance of Sergei Filippov. Third place went to Alexey Ryabin from the Salekhard sports school “Start”, he is coached by Artem and Emilia Zabrodin.

Based on the results of the competition, eight girls and the same number of boys as part of the Yamal team will take part in the all-Russian stage of the “Jolly Dolphin”, which will be held in May in St. Petersburg.

Let us add that the “Jolly Dolphin” took place at the Gubkin sports school “Arctic”. 132 young athletes from nine municipalities of the district took part in it.

Earlier it was reported that the results were summed up in Yamal district basketball championship.


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