When will sex end: the authorities’ fight against “debauchery” has entered a decisive phase

When will sex end: the authorities’ fight against “debauchery” has entered a decisive phase

As we know from Scripture, the truth speaks through the mouth of babes. But sometimes the holy truth gives children a break and puts itself into the mouths of State Duma deputies. The latest such case was recorded the other day: in an interview with the Public News Service, Vitaly Milonov “stated that the era of free sex in Russia has come to an end.” You can’t say it better, you can’t reflect the current moment.

The basis for such a categorical conclusion to Vitaly Valentinovich was given by the measures of the authorities, primarily police raids on sex clubs and sex parties, which led to the massive closure of the former and the cancellation of the latter. “Finally, this has happened,” the parliamentarian rejoices. “After all, a few years ago, my eternal appeals to the authorities did not receive support due to the fact that sex parties allegedly took place only for adults and under the sign of “18+.” Thus, people thought they could do whatever they wanted without fear at all!”

Well, yes, a nightmare, of course. I mean, it was a nightmare. Although, strictly speaking, it has not yet been completely eradicated... It is still premature to assert that the efforts of Milonov and Co. were crowned with complete success and there is no more sex in the Russian Federation - free, uncontrolled, not subject to the control of competent authorities.

Sex clubs and private closed parties, when citizens gather and do “whatever” they want, are just the tip of the iceberg. Private houses and apartments and the family life of citizens remain outside the control zone. But the principle there is the same: they close themselves and do what they want, confident in their safety and impunity.

According to information that has not been fully verified - police raids on this subject have not yet been carried out - but very reliable information, a considerable number of citizens every day organize “naked parties” for themselves: they strip down to their underwear, or even go completely naked. And in some families - it’s hard to believe, but the bitter truth is better than a comforting lie - representatives of different sexes use the same gender-neutral toilet.

And finally, the worst thing, a nightmare of nightmares: there are also houses and apartments in which secretly, behind closed doors, under the cover of night - and some, having lost their last shame, stunned by the lack of supervision and control, allow themselves to do this even in daylight days - having sex!

Do moral fighter Milonov and the competent law enforcement agencies know about this? It is not known for certain, but something tells us: they are guessing. Why aren't they doing anything?

Why don’t the most competent of the competent authorities massively introduce appropriate surveillance systems into everyday life, so that the state, figuratively speaking, stands with a candle in every home, in every bedroom, in every bathhouse - in general, wherever the danger of free sex arises? In a word, why was the process left to chance and not yet returned to its proper Orwellian port? How long?

But let's not be too strict and picky towards the guardians of our morality. To their credit, they have worked a lot lately. And there will be more. Everything is ahead. As the poet said, “hell’s work will be done and is already being done.”

The intensity of this work is evidenced, in particular, by the explanations of one of Mr. Milonov’s colleagues regarding how to identify violators of the ban on LGBT propaganda (LGBT is recognized as an extremist movement in Russia). According to the deputy, crime can already consist in the very image of a person - if the image does not correspond to the norm.

If, say, a person decides to go out into the street, having abnormal hair color and length, and if, moreover, he is wearing the “wrong style” of clothing, then let him blame himself: there is every reason to catch him right at the crime scene. But one essential detail is missing. One might even say details. Where, in fact, are the norms and standards themselves, what image is considered correct, impeccable? What, say, should your hair length and color be, what should your nails, clothes and shoes be like so that you won’t be noticed when you leave the house?

Today, in such cases, it is customary to turn to the experience of our ancestors, who gave us folk wisdom and traditional values. The ancestors also had a short conversation with LGBT propagandists, and the criteria for recognizing them were very clear. But it is unlikely that the ancient method will appeal to the respected deputy. And to other deputies - with the possible exception of Milonov or Wasserman - too. In short, in the old days in Rus', an obvious sign of a man belonging to the extremist LGBT movement was considered to be a beardless, hairless face.

Implement such a criterion and the legislative power in the country will be paralyzed. Yes, perhaps, and not only legislative. No, of course, some other method is needed, one in which anyone will be swept away, but not the servants of the people. Otherwise, there is a great risk that the cause of the struggle for national morality will not be carried through to the end, to its apogee and climax, to the point of absurdity.

There is, however, an opinion that the absurdity is already obvious, that there is nowhere to go further. But this is only partly true. There is, there is somewhere. For it is common sense that has limits, and the boundaries of absurdity never end.

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