When heating is turned off in Russia: terms and rules

When heating is turned off in Russia: terms and rules

Against the backdrop of warming, Russians are increasingly interested in what dates the heating is planned to be turned off. What is known at the moment is in the Kommersant certificate.

When will the heating be turned off?

The end of the heating season depends on the weather. Specific timing may vary significantly depending on the year and region. According to the Russian government decree of May 6, 2011, heating is turned off if the average daily temperature for five days does not fall below +8°C. In Russia, this most often occurs between April 20 and May 20.

Government recommendations apply only to buildings that receive heat through centralized networks. If an apartment building is heated by an autonomous boiler house, its residents themselves determine the dates for turning off the heat - through a house-wide vote.

Who turns off the heating and how?

Decisions on turning on and off the centralized heating system are made by local government bodies (administration of a locality or region), and not by representatives of public utilities or employees of thermal power plants.

The shutdown process most often takes three to five days. First of all, heat is lost at industrial enterprises, secondly - in residential buildings, thirdly - in social institutions (for example, kindergartens, schools and clinics). Sometimes social institutions can submit special applications and extend the heating season for themselves.

Why is it warmer outside, but utility workers are still heating

After the heating system is turned off, its immediate restart turns out to be difficult or simply impossible. For this reason, local authorities are in no hurry to issue orders to end the heating season until there is accurate information that frosts will not return.

Most often, municipalities consult with meteorologists. If they predict a sharp cold snap in the next ten days, utility companies will continue to supply heat to apartments, even if the temperature outside the window exceeds +8°C for five days in a row.

Is it possible to turn off the heating early?

Residents and owners of houses with autonomous heating can refuse heat at any time. They will need:

  • hold a house-wide meeting to stop heat supply from the centralized network;
  • transfer the voting results to the chairman of the HOA or to the management company;
  • send written applications for disconnection to the HOA or management company and the company that provides heat supply.

Before voting, it is necessary to find out whether it will be possible to return heat to the apartments in the event of a cold snap.

If the house is connected to a centralized heating system, its residents can contact the HOA and management company and ask to reduce the temperature inside the apartments before the official end of the heating season (for example, reduce the power of the heating system).

When will the heating be turned off in 2024?

Orders to turn off heating are published on the website of local governments or in regional media.

Not all municipalities have done this yet. The southern regions turned out to be the most efficient. In Kursk and Voronezh, heating will begin to be turned off from April 3, in Krasnodar - from April 5, in Volgodonsk, Rostov region - from April 8.

When will the heating be turned off in Moscow?

Moscow has not yet announced the exact timing of the heating shutdown. In previous years, they most often fell in May.

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