Vodianova's mother spoke for the first time about her youngest daughter who was taken to a shelter

The mother of Natalia Vodianova, Larisa Kusakina, spoke about the situation with her daughter, as well as financial problems in the past. This is reported by the publication "Antenna-Telesem".

“I was at a loss: it was clear that I couldn’t pull three small children alone, one of whom was disabled. We already lived, to put it mildly, not richly, and here a very gloomy prospect of living from hand to mouth was drawn, ”said Kusakina.

According to her, she had the idea of ​​writing a waiver for the child as a “salvation from imminent poverty”, and then take her daughter home.

Also, Vodianova's mother said that the family did not stop searching for the child for several years, and even resorted to the help of private detectives. After a DNA examination, it turned out that Kusakina was indeed Natalya's mother.

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