Unexpected visit of President Putin to Mariupol did not cause a road collapse

Unexpected visit of President Putin to Mariupol did not cause a road collapse

"We only saw you on TV"

“Crimea is now ours too. Russian Crimea - from Russian Mariupol" - such posters appeared in the Donetsk city on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov on the eve of the next anniversary of the annexation of the peninsula to Russia. How Mariupol residents looked into the water: after visiting Sevastopol, the President of Russia suddenly decided to visit their city as well.

Incidentally, the president was not expected in Sevastopol either: they were preparing to communicate with the Russian leader via video link. And when Putin unexpectedly personally appeared on the threshold of the new Sevastopol school of arts, Metropolitan of Pskov and Porkhov, Chairman of the Patriarchal Council for Culture Tikhon did not find anything better than to ask: “Where are you from, Vladimir Vladimirovich?” “From Moscow, from where,” the president replied and went to watch the classes.

Approximately the same reaction was experienced by residents of the new Nevsky microdistrict of Mariupol, when already at dusk Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin appeared in their yard, accompanied by guards and Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin. "Nevsky" is the largest construction site now in Mariupol. The construction of 50 high-rise buildings is planned here, more than twenty of them have already been built. Moreover, they are inhabited. People began to receive keys to apartments in the fall. “They just showed that you are in the Crimea, and you are here ...”, “Can I at least say hello to you? We only saw you on TV!” “We have been waiting! We are praying for you... This is a small piece of paradise we have here now,” the residents of the house began to talk with each other, finding themselves in the yard either by accident or nevertheless warned in advance. The most active was a 70-year-old pensioner, who not only told Putin that he, like the president, had a birthday in October, but also invited the head of state to look into his three-room new apartment. Putin agreed and went to inspect the housing. Only now the wife of the activist was not aware of the unexpected visit. Therefore, as she stood in home clothes in the middle of the corridor with a bewildered smile, she stood while her husband showed the president the household - a brand new kitchen with a table set for dinner, and three rooms. “There were three and they gave three,” the pensioner reported to the president. The visitors hurried to the exit “We won't disturb you. Please excuse me for coming in so unexpectedly,” Putin said to a woman frozen in the aisle.

Someone, but Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin was clearly prepared for the President's visit. Right there in the yard, next to the playground, on a desk that had come from nowhere, he was laying out construction plans and photos of the city “before and after” in front of Putin, reporting on the work done. According to him, not all destroyed houses in the city will be demolished. Those that can be returned to their previous appearance will be restored. The Deputy Prime Minister promises that they will try to preserve the appearance of the city to the maximum. But there won't be too many innovations. For example, new schools will appear in each district of the city, each with its own peculiarities. Now the work is being completed in the hospital, which in the spring of last year became a refuge for hundreds of homeless residents of the city. “They operate in one room, the patients in the other. In the third, people live,” the vice-premier told the president about what he saw in the city nine months ago. According to him, leaving the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed everything that was in their way, shooting at buildings from tanks with direct fire. “Even medical equipment was mined,” he said. "Normal people wouldn't do that," the president responded.

In a short evening, Putin, driving a jeep, also managed to inspect the Mariupol airport, which Khusnullin promised to reconstruct by 2025, and the building of the Mariupol Philharmonic, already brought into divine form. A marble hall with columns, white-stone stairs, even a piano on a small "island" of the second floor - let the audience in tomorrow. After sitting in a velvet armchair in a small hall for 200 people, the president stated: "comfortable, beautiful."

By the way, as residents of Mariupol say on social networks, no one blocked the streets during the President’s visit, the traffic lights were not turned off. Apparently, for the purpose of conspiracy. Many townspeople learned about the visit of the head of state already when Putin left the city.

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Footage of Putin's visit to Mariupol: got behind the wheel, talked with residents

Footage of Putin's visit to Mariupol: got behind the wheel, talked with residents

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