Traffic cop given a lenient sentence for attacking a cyclist

Traffic cop given a lenient sentence for attacking a cyclist

The man tried to stab him, but not kill him

The verdict of the Voskresensk City Court against a former traffic police officer who stabbed a cyclist during a traffic conflict has entered into force. The law enforcement officer first ran over the rider, and then almost finished him off!

As MK learned, the emergency occurred near the village of Kosyakovo near Moscow on June 15, 2023. That day, a 43-year-old cyclist, at the request of a friend, dug holes on her property and was just returning home, and a 42-year-old technician from the registration department of the Moscow State Traffic Safety Inspectorate was heading to the store in his VAZ-2115 car. The car owner was extremely excited (he had a fight with his mother and his partner) and, apparently, was not paying close attention to the road. At some point, the man turned around, turned away from the controls to turn on the radio, drove into the oncoming lane, caught up and hit the cyclist. The impact shattered the windshield of the car, and the unfortunate man rolled into a ravine, suffering a head injury. He quickly got to the side of the road, rightly expecting at least an apology. But instead, the traffic police technician, saying “Now you’re screwed,” hit the man in the stomach with a penknife. The cyclist recoiled in horror and started running - first along the road, then across the field (the poor fellow turned off the road, fearing that the psychopath would chase him in a car). He hobbled to the nearest house and asked to call an ambulance. Doctors determined that the wounded man’s liver was damaged and he had to spend a long time in the hospital. Meanwhile, the traffic cop arrived home. He threw the knife into the pond. The man first told his family that a stone had hit the glass, but he quickly admitted what had happened. However, the police themselves identified the suspect in a matter of hours.

The technician could not explain what came over him. He himself suggested that he was very upset because of the broken glass, and was also offended by the cyclist, who was “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” The man paid the wounded man 700 thousand rubles. The traffic cop was charged with murder, but later the court reclassified it as “intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm”: the lawyers came to the conclusion that the car owner did not want the cyclist to die. The court took into account that the TNRER employee has three children, that he served impeccably in the internal affairs bodies for 20 years and was awarded medals. As a result, the accused was sentenced to 3.5 years in a general regime colony.

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