“This is not the first time that parting words have been given to officials” – Kommersant FM

“This is not the first time that parting words have been given to officials” – Kommersant FM


Vladimir Putin spoke at the open board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The President, in particular, warned department employees against attempts to use the tragic events in the Moscow region to provoke national hatred and xenophobia. In addition, according to him, despite the successes achieved, law enforcement agencies should not relax. Among the problems existing in the country, the head of state highlighted drug addiction, road safety, corruption, as well as external threats. Kommersant FM political commentator Dmitry Drize is waiting for officials to provide a concept on how to overcome existing challenges.

Speaking at an open board meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vladimir Putin called on department employees to ensure a calm and safe life for Russian citizens. To achieve this, the department and, in general, people in power must work hard, avoiding complacency and, even more so, laxity. You need to work in accordance with wartime conditions. And the fact that our economic indicators are not bad should not mislead anyone.

This is not the first time such parting words have been heard. In particular, I remember the president’s phrase that there is no time for expansion, efficiency needs to be increased, as the voter demands. And, in fact, the second program thesis is to update approaches to migration policy with the involvement of digital technologies, and without excesses: xenophobia, Islamophobia and other negative manifestations.

There are smaller problems, but also important ones. Thus, road safety is still not at the proper level. 500 thousand drunk drivers will be identified in 2023, and it may seem that not everyone has been caught by the hand. There are also such ugly phenomena as corruption and a formal approach to the performance of one’s duties.

Quite a lot has been said about migration recently, although it is not entirely clear what “updating approaches” means. There are many proposals on how to customize the system, but there is no general concept. What should the updated fair migration policy of the Russian Federation look like without excesses and xenophobia, in which the visitor will be happy, the local resident will be happy, and there will be plenty of qualified personnel? We don’t see all this yet, even on paper.

At the same time, it’s a little scary when your quiet life is ordered to be ensured in a fire order, operating in wartime conditions.

Maybe there is no need to be so tough? Otherwise, it will turn out like with migrants: everyone will be cleared out, and then there will be no one to work, both the right and the wrong will get it. By the way, about progressive technologies. Some are afraid of what the term “digital concentration camp” exists for, as if it threatens us all. We will live inside one large database. You want to take a step to the right, a step to the left, and there the official and the policeman together ensure your peace of mind. But let’s not force it. The state wants what is best. This is what we will hope for and hope for.

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