Bandits who robbed migrants under the pretext of exchanging currency were convicted

Bandits who robbed migrants under the pretext of exchanging currency were convicted

After committing the crime, they ordered the victims to “run wherever they look”

The Golovinsky Court of Moscow sentenced four criminals who committed robberies during currency exchange. The bandits advertised on Telegram about their intention to buy dollars at a favorable rate or, conversely, responded to similar requests. But when it came to making a deal, the money changers turned into armed gangsters.

As MK learned, the investigation managed to prove three criminal episodes. The first victim in September 2022 was a citizen of Kyrgyzstan. He sold the land at a profit; in addition, his fellow countryman wanted to exchange proceeds from the sale of household appliances for Russian money (the entrepreneur had his own store). The businessmen agreed to meet via Telegram in Khimki near Moscow. But as soon as the migrant got into the car, two bandits attacked him from the trunk, lightly strangled him and, with the words “If you move, it will be bad,” they stole about 5 million rubles.

In November of the same year, robbers made two attacks. The first victim was a citizen of Uzbekistan - he needed rubles to pay for his studies and rent an apartment. The exchange rate of 64.7 rubles for 1 dollar seemed profitable to the foreigner, and he also fell into the trap. While making a transaction on Mira Avenue, he was robbed in a similar manner, stealing 380 thousand rubles. Two weeks later, two citizens of Belarus, flattered by an offer on the Internet, lost 4.5 million rubles. The criminals robbed them of their cash and then ordered them to close their eyes and run wherever they were, threatening to shoot them in the legs otherwise.

Soon after this, the robbers were detained. They will spend from 9 to 12 years in the colony, depending on how many episodes they took part in.

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