The Verkhovna Rada is preparing a resolution calling for the exclusion of Russia from the UN

A draft resolution has appeared on the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which calls for Russia to be recognized as a "state sponsor of terrorism" and expelled from the UN. The initiators were the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk and a number of other parliamentarians.

The authors of the document also propose, on behalf of the Verkhovna Rada, to call for the reform of the United Nations and to introduce liability for members of Russian political parties who supported the start of the special operation.

The explanatory note says that all this must be done in order to deprive Russia of the right of veto as a member of the UN Security Council.

Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly explained that there are no legal mechanisms to deprive Russia of the right of veto in the UN Security Council.

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