The Russian Foreign Ministry put 23 British citizens on the stop list

The Russian Foreign Ministry put 23 British citizens on the stop list

Russia has put 23 British citizens on the stop list, including a number of representatives of the armed forces and "propaganda structures", the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Citizens of the United Kingdom included in the list will not be allowed to enter Russia.

In department notethat the decision to expand the stop list was made "in connection with the active use by the British government of the mechanism of unilateral sanctions restrictions against domestic individuals and organizations, as well as the comprehensive efforts of the British in military-technical support for Ukraine."

The stop list includes executives from the medical corporation Zinc Network, including chief executive officer Robert Elliott, chief executive officer Scott Brown and director of research and strategy Louis Brooke. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Zinc Network provides support to media outlets recognized as foreign agents in Russia, and also “fabricates anti-Russian materials for distribution in the media space.”

Also, restrictions were imposed on "a number of judges and officials of the UK prison system involved in the harassment of independent journalists." Among them are officials from the Bermarsh high-security prison in London, which, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, is "known for repeated cases of human rights violations." The specific names of British judges and officials in the ministry are not disclosed.

Last time Russia introduced sanctions against UK citizens on January 14, 2023. Then the stop list included the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, James Cleverley and Chief of Staff Patrick Sanders. Sanctions expanded against the backdrop of the decision taken by the British authorities solutions transfer to Ukraine a batch of modern heavy battle tanks Challenger 2.

At the same time, as Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted, the Russian side does not intend to fully publish the list of British citizens who are banned from entering the country, since "the authorities in London understand who they are talking about."

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