The Priazov Sports School is undergoing major renovations

The Priazov Sports School is undergoing major renovations


During the times of Ukrainian management, the building of the Azov Sports School was consigned to oblivion. At the moment, the sports facility is in a deplorable state. It is worth noting that in spite of everything, the staff of the Priazov Youth Sports School raised sports youth. A love of physical education was instilled in children “not because of it, but in spite of it.”

Now, by order of the President of the Russian Federation with the support of the Russian Ministry of Sports The sports school will undergo major renovations. The building will be completely renovated. Specialists will repair walls, floors, ceilings, and windows. Such large-scale restoration work will be carried out at the Youth Sports School for the first time after many years of lack of participation from the Ukrainian authorities.

The overhaul is planned to be completely completed in May 2024. Therefore, very soon the athletes of the village of Priazovsky will delight their native region with new achievements.


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