The population of Moscow has decreased

According to Mosstat, in January-October 2022, 103,712 babies were born in the capital. 105,676 people died, of which 346 were under the age of 1 year. Thus, the natural decline in the population amounted to 1,964 people.

In 2021, the figures were more significant: then 109,606 people were born in Moscow, 141,801 died, that is, the natural population decline amounted to more than 32,000.

The population of the capital also decreased due to the migration of the population. In January-October 2022, 187,627 people left the city. During the same period, 159,882 people came to Moscow to live and work. Thus, the population decreased by 27,745 people.

Of those who arrived in January-October, most of all came from other regions of Russia (134,215 people). 14,168 people arrived from the CIS countries, 2,005 came from other countries. At the same time, 4,455 foreigners and 21,511 citizens of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States left Moscow.

In 2021, due to migration, the population of the capital increased by 5,408 people. The increase in foreigners amounted to 345 people, residents of the CIS countries - 3,338 people.

Over the past year, 86,268 marriages were concluded in the capital. At the same time, 40,074 marriage unions broke up.


Photo by Andrey Lyubimov / Moskva Agency

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