The plastic surgeon spoke about all of Pugacheva’s operations

The plastic surgeon spoke about all of Pugacheva’s operations

A plastic surgeon talks about Pugacheva’s appearance: her face has been rejuvenated several times

In April, Russian singer Alla Pugacheva will turn 75 years old. Photos appear all the time on her social networks, looking at which users began to speculate on what the artist really looks like.

Member of the Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons Ivan Volodchenkov told KP.RU about how the face of the Diva has changed in recent months.

According to him, her face looks good for her age, but this was achieved thanks to multiple plastic surgeries for rejuvenation.

“All areas of the face were rejuvenated repeatedly: forehead, eyebrows, temporal area, eyelids, middle third, lower third, neck. After each repeated facelift, the rehabilitation period is lengthened,” the expert said.

At the same time, he emphasized that each repeated lift will give a worse result than before, since fibrous tissue is constantly growing, which causes nerve conduction and blood supply to soft tissues to deteriorate.

Volodchenkov analyzed the latest video of Pugacheva. According to him, her facial activity is delayed, and her lips move asymmetrically on the right side. He believes that the reason for this could be that the buccal branches of the facial nerve were affected after the last lift.

In addition, the specialist drew attention to the size of the Diva’s eyes. Volodchenkov suggested that Pugacheva could have had two or even three circular blepharoplasties.

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