telephone scammers began to directly report fraud - Kommersant

telephone scammers began to directly report fraud - Kommersant

Tinkoff (MOEX: TCSG)-bank warned of a new “hybrid” telephone fraud scenario. Attackers call under the guise of police officers, telecom operators and government services. According to bank data cited by TASSthe number of crimes committed using this scheme from January to March 2024 increased 3.5 times.

Several people call a bank client. Initially, the attackers contact the victim under the guise of a cellular operator and inform them that the service agreement is ending. To renew the contract, scammers ask for a code from an SMS, and then openly tell the client that he was deceived.

This is done with the goal of intimidating a person and deceiving him into following the instructions of other callers who introduce themselves as employees of government services, financial monitoring, or even the police. They give the client instructions on how to supposedly save their savings from criminals. “In fact, instead of saving their savings, a person independently deposits money into the scammers’ account through an ATM,” the bank said.

Alexandra Goroshilova

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