The Orlyonok children's center in the Krasnodar region will purchase devices for suppressing UAVs

The Orlyonok children's center in the Krasnodar region will purchase devices for suppressing UAVs

The All-Russian Children's Center "Orlyonok" in the Krasnodar Territory will purchase portable devices to suppress unmanned aerial vehicles. Deputy Director of the Center for Legal Support and Security Yuriy Kolevaiko said TASSthat anti-drone guns are designed to ensure the safety of children.

According to data in the Unified Information System in the field of procurement, cited by TASS, the initial purchase price is 1.6 million rubles. In total, Orlyonok plans to purchase two devices. In the description column of the procurement object, it is specified that a “portable device for suppressing unmanned aerial vehicles of the gun type” must have at least eight blocking channels and a built-in directional antenna with a high gain. The date for summing up the determination of the contract executor is April 3.

The administration of the children's center, commenting on the information about the planned purchases to TASS, noted that by decision of the government, “Orlyonok” was included in the list of objects subject to mandatory protection by the Russian Guard. The deputy director of the center clarified that security is provided by employees of the police company No. 2 OVO in the Tuapse district of the branch of the Federal State Institution of the UVO of the Russian Guard in the Krasnodar Territory and the Directorate for ensuring access and internal control. “The anti-drone guns purchased by the center are intended to ensure the safety of children with the right to be used by specialized specialists of the Russian Guard,” added Yuri Kolevaiko.

On the night of March 17, several drones attacked the Slavyansky oil refinery in the Krasnodar Territory. A fire started at the enterprise, which was extinguished within an hour and a half. According to local authorities, the attack did not result in casualties, but one employee of the company died, presumably from a heart attack.

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