The MMA Championship and Championship started in Tula on December 8

The MMA Championship and Championship started in Tula on December 8

On Friday, December 8, the Tula Region MMA Championship and Championship started in the weapons capital. The grand opening of sporting events took place in the Tula Arena multifunctional complex.

The president of the regional MMA federation, deputy chairman of the economic policy committee of the Tula Regional Duma, Ilya Stepanov, addressed the tournament participants and their coaches.

The parliamentarian called the athletes the pride of the Tula region. According to Stepanov, in recent years, coaches have been able to raise worthy wrestlers who became champions and participated in serious competitions.

“We managed to raise athletes who became champions and participated in competitions at various levels. Many of them will also perform at the “Battle for Tula” today,” Ilya Stepanov clarified.

The deputy wished the athletes to prove themselves in competitions and wished them good luck.

Photo: MK in Tula

The head of the Ministry of Sports of the Tula Region, Dmitry Yakovlev, thanked Ilya Stepanov for his contribution to the development of mixed martial arts in the region. The minister also added that this sport is becoming more and more popular.

Yakovlev expressed confidence that Tula athletes will adequately demonstrate their strengths at competitions, including at the All-Russian stage.

“Elite sport is very fair, difficult and complex. The strongest wins,” Dmitry Yakovlev emphasized.

Photo: MK in Tula

Deputy Chairman of the Tula Regional Duma Alexander Rem and head of the city administration Ilya Bespalov also wished good luck to the participants of the Championship and Championship.

The city manager noted that the competition will definitely not leave spectators indifferent. He is confident that the strongest will win.

“We know that MMA is a sport of strong-willed people,” noted Ilya Bespalov.

Photo: MK in Tula

It is worth noting that men and women over 18 years old, as well as juniors (18-20 years old), take part in the Championship. In the Regional Championship, boys aged 16-17 will compete for medals.

About 70 students from sports schools in the Tula region are taking part in the Championship today. Based on the results, a regional team will be formed.

Photo: MK in Tula

Let us remind you that today the “Battle for Tula” will also take place at the Tula Arena. Master of Sports of Russia in MMA, winner of all fights in the weapons capital, Tigran Hovhannisyan, will appear in the main fight. His opponent will be the titled wrestler from Moscow Pavriz Abdulnazarov.

The start of the “Battle for Tula” is 17:00. You can watch the broadcast in the official community regional MMA federation on VKontakte.

Age limit 12+

Photo: MK in Tula

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