“The IPS display turned out to be surprisingly good” – Kommersant FM

“The IPS display turned out to be surprisingly good” – Kommersant FM

Kommersant FM columnist Alexander Levi talks about the characteristics of the new Huawei tablet.

Huawei decided to sell its MatePad Air tablet bundled with a removable wireless keyboard. And this solution works great, because you get almost a laptop, that is, a device that has the status of a work tool rather than an entertainment one. Plus, it looks like a complete tablet protection solution. The keyboard consists of two parts, one of which covers the back surface of the gadget, and the second protects the display.

Additional emotions are caused by the ability of the keyboard to work outside of physical contact with the tablet. After all, the connection is via Bluetooth, and starting it automatically is not a problem. But when removing the keyboard, the tearing had to be done by hand. We can only believe that this feature will be resolved at the software level in the future.

Of course, if the display diagonal of the Huawei MatePad Air instead of the current 11.5 inches was closer to at least 13 inches, then the keyboard would be larger and therefore more comfortable. But this is a rather subjective question. But only 256 GB of storage without the ability to use memory cards will, I’m sure, disappoint any user. Even for a strictly working tool, this is a weak characteristic. Especially considering that for the Wi-Fi-only version of the tablet, without SIM card support, the maximum memory capacity is 128 GB.

The IPS display turned out to be surprisingly good. It was nice to find support for frame rates up to 144 Hz. In games, for some reason the indicator did not rise above 120, but even in this performance it’s great. Four speakers and high battery life encourage you to use the MatePad Air as an entertainment center. But the developers indirectly emphasize other scenarios using the 3 to 2 aspect ratio, which is great for working with documents or reading books. In addition, let's not forget about storage limitations.

Another hint and incentive is the M-Pencil stylus, which Huawei sells separately for 1 rub. instead of supposedly 10 thousand rubles. for a unit. And it works. Of the two color options, the black versions are already out.

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