“The industrial zone of Avdeevka is ours”: the Russian army uses it as a superweapon

“The industrial zone of Avdeevka is ours”: the Russian army uses it as a superweapon

The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to carry out “suicidal” raids in Avdeevka. Military experts are already pointing out that in this area the enemy risks repeating the deplorable situation in Bakhmut, where irretrievable losses amounted to up to 70 thousand people.

The life of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was also complicated by our RBK-500 aerial bombs with a planning module, which, according to some sources, we began to use in the hottest sectors of the front. Military expert Yuri Knutov told MK how the use of the RBK-500 in general could affect the line of combat contact.

Two directions remain central at the front: Avdeevka and the area on the left bank of the Dnieper. Perhaps the last important event on the Avdeevka fronts was the breakthrough of the enemy’s defenses in the industrial zone near the Yasinovataya-2 railway station. One of the Russian army servicemen with the call sign “Vozhak” confirmed that the industrial zone is almost entirely ours and two buildings remain to completely clear this area.

Russian military personnel also note that the enemy is increasingly making thoughtless “suicidal” attacks. So, this weekend he tried to attack the industrial zone with the forces of a small assault group, without the support of equipment and heavy artillery.

“This was not reconnaissance in force, but simply, we apologize for the cynicism, the disposal of the assault group by their command. The enemy's infantry was discovered and suffered an epic failure (“an epic failure” in military slang - “epic defeat.” - Ed.) from the fire of our guns.

At the same time, the hand of some farm Napoleon was felt. We assume that some armored Ukrainian woodpecker with large stars took the initiative,” reported one of the telegram channels run by intelligence officers.

Military expert Yuri Baranchik has no doubt that the “Avdeevka noose” operation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces will end like in Bakhmut - with irrevocable losses of 60-70 thousand people. He also noted that the depth to which Russian artillery and drones operate is at least 20 kilometers. Therefore, a significant percentage of Ukrainian soldiers sent to Avdiivka “suffer long before they see their destination.”

Military experts describe the situation in Kherson as a timid attempt by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to create a bridgehead on the right bank of the Dnieper: “so that there is one.” At the same time, according to our intelligence officers, the enemy continues to hold a bridgehead in the village of Krynki. The Ukrainian Armed Forces, with the support of artillery, are also attempting attacks in the direction of the settlements of Poyma and Peschanovka from the right bank.

According to military expert Yuri Knutov, the left bank remains the main direction for the Ukrainian Armed Forces:

— Zelensky’s latest statements resemble hysteria. He says that there is not enough ammunition, and this will lead to the retreat of the Ukrainian army. It is obvious that the Kiev regime has placed its bets on one direction - Kherson. All forces and all resources were thrown there to try to seize a bridgehead and further move towards Crimea and the left bank of the Dnieper.

According to Knutov, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in the Kherson direction are trying to move forward with the help of “meat assaults.”

“We destroy the Ukrainian army soldiers who are on the left bank, after which a very small group remains there. But at night, reinforcements begin again, and the presence of Ukrainian soldiers on the left bank is restored again... All this resembles a meat grinder.

But Ukraine transferred decent resources there. Therefore, it is premature to say that the Kiev regime will curtail further attempts to expand the bridgehead. At the same time, almost all Western experts agree that the Ukrainian army is running out of steam.

— Yuri Albertovich, footage of the use of the RBK-500 was recently shown. Can we already say that we have begun to use these ammunition?

— There is no official confirmation of their use from the Ministry of Defense. What appeared in Telegram channels is all unofficial information. How much of the footage that was shown is true is an open question.

On the other hand, up to 80% of the shells that Ukraine uses are cluster shells, and it has been doing this for several months accurately.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that we have cluster munitions of much better quality and in greater quantity than NATO countries, but we do not use them due to the fact that there is a Convention banning them. We did not sign it, just like Ukraine, but we adhere to it. However, given that the volume of use of cluster munitions by the Ukrainian Armed Forces is simply enormous, in these conditions it is quite possible that we decided to launch maybe one, maybe several strikes with our 500-kilogram cluster bombs.

— How formidable is the RBK-500 weapon?

- This is a bomb, which is a container with small ammunition inside. At an altitude of about a kilometer, the bomb opens and ammunition is scattered, covering an area approximately the size of a football field. This is a fairly serious area, and both personnel and lightly armored vehicles can be disabled easily.

— How can the massive use of these ammunition affect the situation at the front?

“If now our Supreme Commander-in-Chief and the Ministry of Defense decide that we are moving to the widespread use of this type of bombs and shells, then I think this will play a significant role in the advancement of our troops. The Ukrainian army is relying on “meat assaults,” and this kind of ammunition is very effective precisely where “meat assaults” or preparations for them are taking place.

I don’t see any sedition in using this kind of ammunition as a retaliatory measure. Because Ukraine has been using them in large quantities for a long time.

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