The heroines of the weight loss show “Big Girls” press for pity with selective obscenities

The heroines of the weight loss show “Big Girls” press for pity with selective obscenities

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Body positivity is suffering a crushing defeat. This conclusion can be drawn after the participants of the show “Big Girls” began the battle with extra pounds. Excess weight is again publicly called a serious illness, and all talk about self-acceptance and the ability to live happily with any figure is shattered by the medical truth.

There have been many projects on TV dedicated to weight loss, but this time everything is presented as a serious social drama. Jealousy of younger brothers, worry about parental quarrels, trauma from the death of his mother, and other personal turmoil led to overeating, hatred of his own body, and difficulty communicating with others.

Not so long ago, body positivity was presented almost as a new religion. Models of appetizing shapes strutted briskly along the catwalks, designers assured that they would adapt their collections to a variety of bodies, and editors of fashion magazines promised to start a war against the cult of thinness.

But all this turned out to be nothing more than loud statements. In fact, no one changes sizes, plus-size models in most cases were sewn only for fashion shows and were not put into series, and model castings are still given to those on whom the clothes look the most advantageous, that is, they hang like on a hanger. Fat women are now again strongly recommended to stop downloading their licenses and face the truth: they are fat because they eat everything, and what they need most is not photo shoots for magazines, but good nutrition and working through mental traumas with a psychologist.

The heroines of “Big Girls” do something like this. Of course, they need support and sympathy, although there are some problems with the latter. As soon as the heroines sit down in front of the camera and begin to talk about their experiences, the airwaves are filled with choice swear words. Naturally, it is hidden by beeping, but the meaning, in general, is clear. After the first phrase, which is not super-literate and filled with obscenities, a firm conviction appears that before consultations with a psychologist, nutritionist and work with a trainer, girls need someone who will wash their mouth with soap.

The specifics of the functioning of producer television require iron discipline on the set. That is, if the producers were even a little embarrassed by the obscene revelations, they would have been canceled immediately. But, apparently, you want the truth of life in the frame. Although the truth is that stupidity is catastrophically uncool.


Searching for foreigners in Russia is now so exciting that it could turn into a TV show. “Us and Them” is one of the rare cosmopolitan projects nowadays, where citizens of different states try to explain what they are actually doing here. The explanations are sometimes quite amusing.

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Italian Marco moved from Florence to Vladivostok. A specific gesture, especially for those Russians who rightly consider Florence an outrageously beautiful city, where architecture and museums are served with unforgettable steaks and wine. The Swiss Jorg exchanged Zurich for a village near Tarusa, in the Kaluga region. It turns out that he chose our chaos in defiance of the way of life, in which even rock concerts are subject to strict rules.

Marco escaped with his Russian wife from the economic crisis of 2012 and now makes cheese in Primorye and prepares Italian food in his cafe. Jörg came back in the nineties as a volunteer and decided to stay in the village in order to save it from destruction, which he still does. Both cases are somewhat extravagant, although both Marco and Jorg do not look like freaks at all.

The program itself is also defiantly normal, which, of course, is not very modern. Everyone in the frame speaks in calm voices, logical questions are asked, to which presenter Masha Shakhova receives clear answers. There is nothing special about all this, but it seems that this approach has an anti-anxiety component. It's a shame that it doesn't last long.

Published in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" No. 29216 dated February 14, 2024

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I'm losing weight, dear editors

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