The head coach of the Kyrgyz team: “I feel sorry for the Russian team”

Football match will be held for the first time in history

In Bishkek, on the eve of the friendly match between the national teams of Russia and Kyrgyzstan, a press conference was held by the head coach of the Kyrgyz national team, Russian specialist Alexander Krestinin.

- Is it easy for you, being abroad, to determine the composition of the national team for matches?

- We have not changed anything in terms of determining the final composition for the matches. As we worked before, we are still working. I watch all the games in which I participate in collections by video. Because I am in Krasnodar, and not in Kyrgyzstan, the players will not play better or worse.

- The game with the Russian team will be the first in the history of the national team of Kyrgyzstan. Were there any difficulties in preparing for this match?

- Yes, this is the first game in history. And the peculiarities in the preparation were very large. The most important thing is the lack of up-to-date information, since the Russian team has not played in recent months.

- Who do you single out in the Russian team, who, in your opinion, is the most dangerous of them? And what can you say about Karpin, the head coach of the Russian national team?

- Difficult to answer. We don't know who will come out in the first half. And who is in the second. What will be the game combinations. The Russian national team played their last matches quite well. Knowing Karpin, I am sure that the team interactions among the Russians will be at a good level.

- Karpin, assessing the importance of the quality and the result of the game with the national team of Kyrgyzstan, said that everything is important. How important is the game to you and how important is the result?

- The game is more important than the result. Need a system in the game.

- A lot of attention will be riveted to the game. First of all in Russia. Do you think this will be a good chance for the players of your national team to show themselves and possibly go to any of the Russian clubs? Or is the game not the first place for everyone and the guys won't think about it?

- It was clear to me from the first days of my work here and my conclusions were later confirmed by life - to be honest, few people watch the championship of Kyrgyzstan. Through international matches, of course, scouts and agents, fans in other countries get more information about our players. Therefore, it is natural that in any international game the guys want to express themselves, to prove themselves.

- And one of the players of your team could start playing in the Russian championship?

- Ofcourse, why not. We have a lot of players who could show themselves well in Russian teams. I won't name names for obvious reasons.

- Do you feel sorry for the Russian national football team, how did they treat it?

- And football. And humanly, of course, it's a pity.

- You live in Russia and coach the national team of Kyrgyzstan. Based on the current situation. Is there any pressure on you?

- No, there is no pressure.

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