“The First Movement”: how it appeared and what it does

“The First Movement”: how it appeared and what it does

How the modern analogue of the pioneer organization appeared, what the “Movement of the First” does and how to join it - in the Kommersant information.

When was the movement created

A bill on the creation of a new youth movement was submitted to the State Duma on May 19, 2022, on the day of the 100th anniversary of the pioneers. On July 14 of the same year, President Vladimir Putin signed the federal law “On the Russian movement of children and youth.” The organization was originally supposed to be called Big Change. However, in the end, the deputies decided that the movement participants themselves would choose his name at the first congress. 1,278 people voted for the name “Movement of the First,” 7 were against, and another 13 abstained. Among other options, the leaders were also “Russian Movement of Children and Youth”, “Pioneers”, “Movement named after. Yu. Gagarin", "Big Change" and "New Generation". In total, more than 7 thousand options were proposed.

Who controls the traffic

The highest leadership of the movement is the congress. He approves the charter and documents of the organization and makes changes to them. However, the congress only works during convocations. The permanent governing bodies of the movement are the board, supervisory and coordination councils. The President of the Russian Federation heads the supervisory board and determines its composition. The head of state also appoints the chairman of the board. The Supervisory Board forms the composition of the coordination council, which, in turn, approves the composition of the movement government.

Funding the movement

In 2023, the First Movement received 19 billion rubles. from the federal budget. Of these, about 10 billion rubles. it was planned to send to the regions, and 4 billion rubles to provide the central apparatus of the party.

Motto and values ​​of the movement

The organization formulated its motto as follows: “Be with Russia, be human, be together, be on the move, be the first.” Participants in the movement call their main values ​​“Life and Dignity”, “Patriotism”, “Goodness and Justice”, “Creative Work”, “Strong Family”, “Mutual Assistance and Mutual Respect”, “Unity of the Peoples of Russia”, “Historical Memory”, “ Dream" and "Serving the Fatherland".

Who is included in the movement?

The organization accepts children aged 6 to 18 years. You can be a member until you graduate from high school or college. Adults can become movement mentors and organize events. Foreign agents and persons who do not have access to teaching cannot engage in the education of members of the movement. You can apply for membership Online movements.

What does the movement do?

The First Movement unites youth organizations in the country. For example, it included “Youth Army” and “Russian Schoolchildren Movement”. On its own website, the organization’s mission is formulated as follows: “We have united in a movement to provide Russia with a great future, to make the life of all generations dignified and happy, to change the world for the better.” The goals of the movement are:

promoting government policy in the interests of children and youth;

assistance in raising children, their professional guidance, organizing leisure time for children and youth;

creating equal opportunities for the comprehensive development and self-realization of children and youth;

preparing children and youth for a full life in society, including the formation of their worldview based on traditional Russian spiritual and moral values.

The movement is engaged in educational work. Participants in the organization are guided by adult mentors. President Vladimir Putin called the main task of the movement the creation of an equal, accessible, interesting environment for development and self-realization in a variety of areas.

Participation in the First Movement projects allows schoolchildren to undergo internships and courses, attend cultural events, consult with experts, and more. Currently, there are cells of the organization in every subject of the Russian Federation. In addition, branches of the First Movement can be opened at the municipal level or in specific educational institutions.

The First Movement also organizes patriotic events. For example, for Victory Day, the organization launched the “Windows of Victory” campaign, within which it invited Russians to display symbols of Victory in their windows. On March 21 of this year, the organization registered its own TV channel “Dvizh”. On June 1–2, the All-Russian festival “Movements of the First” was held at VDNKh.

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