The doctor explained how to measure blood pressure correctly

The doctor explained how to measure blood pressure correctly

In an interview with Sputnik radio, candidate of medical sciences and general practitioner Alexey Khukhrev named a common mistake made by Russians when measuring blood pressure. This error prevents people from correctly assessing their health.

People suffering from cardiovascular diseases are often forced to monitor their blood pressure at home to ensure they take prescribed medications in a timely manner.

Khukhrev recommends measuring blood pressure at the same time, at rest, and only once on one arm. Repeated measurements on the same hand within a short time are the main mistake made by Russians with this procedure.

“Some people are sure that the pressure should be measured three times on one arm and take the arithmetic average. This is stupidity,” he emphasized, explaining that this can lead to distorted results due to contraction of the arteries in the arm.

The doctor notes that for accurate results, you must wait at least an hour and a half before taking another measurement on the same arm.

If you are in doubt about the tonometer readings and want to check them immediately, Khukhrev recommends measuring the pressure on the other arm, considering the higher pressure value to be the most accurate.

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