The doctor called the allowable portion of bread per day

The doctor called the allowable portion of bread per day

Expert: two or three pieces of bread a day is an acceptable norm for everyone

Allergist-immunologist Marina Apletaeva recalled that with all the love of Russians for bread, this product is not really useful for everyone and not always. According to her, a healthy person can eat two or three slices of bread a day without any problems or doubts. But there are many nuances.

"If you are overweight or have diabetes, it is better to refuse white bread made from refined flour, as it contains fast carbohydrates. Rye bread is not recommended for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract," the expert quotes Moscow24.

As Apletaeva emphasizes, grain bread has practically no contraindications, subject to moderation in quantity. That is, this type of bread can afford to include in the diet on an equal basis with everyone else, even citizens with overweight or diabetes.

However, this is not all. One label on the package is not enough. You need to be sure that the product is of the proper quality and really contains valuable soluble dietary fiber, which stimulates gastrointestinal motility. Just a dark color or incomprehensible inclusions can only be an imitation.

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