“Textilshchik” and “Irtysh” will play for the first time in the Second League

“Textilshchik” and “Irtysh” will play for the first time in the Second League


Footballers from Ivanovo “Textilshchik” continue to play in the “Silver” division of the Second League “A”. The team from Ivanovo started at Serebr for the second time in a row and this time they will try to show a good result and fulfill the task set by the management. In the fall, Tekstilshchik was considered the favorite of the Silver division and for a long time counted on getting into the top 4, but took only 5th place and remained in the second most important division of the Second League “A”. On April 1, Dmitry Kirichenko became the head coach of Tekstilshchik and on April 3 he will be able to make his debut.

Ivanovsky “Textilshchik” will have to play for the first time in history against opponents representing Omsk in the Second League “A”. Omsk Irtysh played in the First League together with Tekstilshchik, but lasted only one season. In the 2023 season, “Irtysh” was among the participants in the “Golden” division, but was demoted in class and is now trying to regain its former positions. During all this time, the paths of “Textilshchik” and “Irtysh” crossed only twice. In the First League, he won twice with a difference of one goal. Away, Tekstilshchik won a minimal victory, but at home they were stronger with a score of 2:1.

Let us remind you that the meeting of the “Silver” division between “Textilshchik” and FC “Irtysh” will take place on April 3. The match is scheduled to start at 18:00 Moscow time.

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